Sunshine and Easy Weight Loss

While it may be obvious to some these days that the sun is a pretty good thing when it comes to human health and weight loss, especially since the vitamin D craze began in earnest, but there are still many who are afraid of it. Unfortunately, the medical establishment did a great job at frightening people during the 90’s. Remember the infamous hole in the ozone layer?

Now consumers are more likely to find out there are some insane chemicals in their sunscreen that have a higher potential to cause cancer than the rays they’re supposed to be protecting skin from. Or how about the recent studies coming out of the alternative medicine arena that claim the sun actually helps fight skin cancer?

Is it really shocking that modern society is only now cluing into the fact that the sun, which is partly responsible for most life in the known universe, is good for us?

Vitamin D and Obesity

It turns out that deficiencies in vitamin D aggravate and lead to a fair amount of issues, especially obesity (and all that excessive weight entails).

Pull Up Your Digital Sleeves

And get ready to do some homework because buying vitamin D supplements should not be taken lightly. Because of the boom in popularity, people are spending far too much money on very little value. What if that $60 bottle of vitamin D pills from an obscure factory in China isn’t doing any good?

The best thing to do is research the company or brand, and ensure that they’re time-released, and ideally come with other vitamins or carrier minerals that make the vitamin D easier to absorb and employ.

Realize That Research is Limited

While in recent years the amount of tests and money being spent to test/study vitamin D in the body have risen, results are still coming in and it’s far too early in the game to take anything but the bare essentials with a grain of salt.

When Sunshine Makes Vitamin D

It’s not as simple as just walking outside when the sun’s out. Sunlight is a complex mixture of roughly 1500 wavelengths, and only some of those (UVB-rays) cause the body to create vitamin D.

  • Easy rule of thumb: When the sun is up in the sky higher than a 50 degree angle, UVB rays are getting through, but below this level the ozone layer is stripping them away and preventing exposure.

Hop online, or use some of the neat new smartphone apps out there that shows people exactly where they are on earth (latitude & longitude).

With that information in hand, it’s not hard to find out which portions of the year produce the most UVB rays in your area.

Simple Steps to Sunshine

  • Soak it in, within reason. The biggest culprits for skin cancer are excessive sun burns that intrinsically damage skin cells.
  • Whenever possible avoid any unnatural sun tanning lotions, or sun screens. If they’re a must, then choose something light, especially during times when UVB rays are at their peak.
  • When taking supplements, take the time to ensure their quality.
  • Remember that there are also plenty of natural and healthy sources for vitamin D in food as well.

Get outside and exercise in the sun whenever possible! It’s energizing, and when the vitamin D mixes with endorphins, serenity and peace of mind ensure.