Smoothie Tips for Easy Weight Loss

Delicious and Nutritious

Delicious and Nutritious

The modern world is brimming over with fitness freaks and health enthusiasts that find the post WW2 industrial norm to be bothersome nuisance. Thankfully, plenty of simple tools exist for people with busy 21st century lives that need fitness on the go. The single easiest tool that makes smoothies quick and simple is the Magic Bullet. If you don’t have one, get one. It simply makes a quick, single serve smoothie is a flash, and with extremely simple cleanup, unlike clunky blenders.

Smoothies have been gaining popularity at a healthy rate, and so have the sneaky little tricks to making them more effective.

Here are a few ways to make ordinary smoothies into powerhouse fitness engines.

When to Add Some Chills

All too often people in a rush to get their smoothie on put the ice in first, which tends to end up watering things down a bit. Instead, add the chill last so that you’re less likely to over-blend. Furthermore, don’t underestimate how much crushed ice can be fit in a smoothie, tons!

Unleash the Organics

As the horrors of the corporate controlled food supply come to light, and people realize they no longer want to be drenched in petro-chemicals, pesticides, hidden ingredients, and any number of other manmade (profit-driven) chemical concoctions, the organic movement is exploding. Another added bonus is that while the price of organic protein and processed goods is rising, produce is still extremely reasonable for the health value.

Mainstream supermarkets are wealthy enough to get the USDA certification, but the best options are going to be local Farmer’s Markets and Co-ops.

Go Green and Raw

Perhaps the best thing about smoothies is that it’s perfectly acceptable to sport a, “add more” attitude. Throw heaps of green vegetables in there, and add as many rich colors as possible. It’s crazy to mix and match pharmaceuticals, but perfectly safe to turn a smoothie into an incredibly complex web of micronutrients. The highest concentrations are obviously going to come from raw ingredients that have been washed with clean water vs. boiled.

The Thicker the Better

The first problem that many smoothie nuts run into is not feeling satiated after guzzling one down. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to tackle this issue, and they’re all yummy.

    • Freeze your own fruits and vegetables. This way everything is prepped and ready to go, and, the extra water is going to be more filling.
    • Frozen bananas are smoothie miracle workers. They’ll thicken things up a bit, and make it taste more like a milkshake. Through fewer calories, it will become more filling.
    • Add in a teaspoon or two of healthy fats. This could be anything from (fully saturated) coconut oil, extra virgin (ideally organic but this can be pricey) olive oil, a serving of peanuts or almonds (12 nuts = 1 serving), or maybe even some avocado.

Finally, make sure to add in all those tantalizing and antioxidant rich berries last so that like the ice, they’re not over-blended into oblivion. Oh, and take it really easy with the juices, unless they are completely sugar free and pure. When done correctly, with all that natural produce, there should be tons of healthy sugars floating around.