Easy Weight Loss Tips for Nut Lovers

These days the Paleo trend is blending with an organic revolution and consumers across the board are retracing human steps through history back to the earth. From scarfing down far more fresh fruits and vegetables, to tossing in a handful of nuts everyday (or even with every meal), the benefits speak for themselves.

For those that are new to this modern trend, what follows is all the nutty wisdom you’ll ever need.

Astonishing Effective & Filling

How odd is it that there’s a raging obesity epidemic going on and yet people are nutritionally starving? Malnutrition is as bad, if not worse than being a bit on the heavier side. It’s also strange that after the last ten years of “no fat in food!” mentality, people are getting plumper than ever. What gives? Are people going nuts?

No, and that’s the problem. Rather than using nature’s gifts that are bioengineered to turn off the “keep eating” switch, consumers have been duped into munching down unnatural, processed, or saturated fats. Why? All the healthy fat a person could need in a meal can be had in a handful of nuts.

When done regularly, whether it’s peanuts, almonds, a few pistachios, walnuts, or cashews, they’re healthy, lower in calories (when portion control is taken into account), and don’t clog the arteries.

Salted or Unsalted

It depends on the circumstances. Lots of fitness lovers enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and other types of outdoor exercise. In this case, especially in warmer climates, a bit of natural sodium isn’t such a bad thing. However, it’s best to go for nuts that have natural salts rather than processed.

For those that are just trying to trim down and tone up, nuts are going to be the best option to staving off hunger, and getting enough energy that muscles can build and repair.

Organic or Not

While roughly 10-25% more expensive, organic nuts have a lot of hidden added value. For example, they’re clean. What are the peripheral costs for society at large, forget about the individual for a sec, of using cosmic tons of fertilizers, pesticides, and other petrol-based chemicals? By consuming organics people are ensuring that they’re nuts aren’t quite literally going to drive them nuts.

The one caveat to organics in this case is that most nuts have a hard shell that protects them from some of the things that would otherwise easily invade their cells.

Portion Control

When it comes to nuts, portion control is everything. How easy is it to mindlessly chomp through an entire bag during a good movie without noticing it? 1300 calories down the hatch…

Instead of going by weight, track down the exact serving sized of nuts. Want a great example? The serving size for an average adult meal, in terms of healthy fats from nuts, could be exactly four (yes four) macadamia nuts. Here is an easy rule of thumb to go by, and enjoy!

  • Meal = 12 – 15 nuts
  • Snack = 5-8 nuts