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Smartphone Usage for Easy Weight Loss

All the mobile techno-wizardry permeating contemporary culture is like a double edged sword. On one side it affords consumers with plenty of communication, information, and entertainment at their fingertips. While on the other side it helps to create a more sedentary lifestyle; just take a look at the obesity rates. In response cyber culture is creating all kinds of ways to make smartphones a body fat fighting tool.

The 21st century fitness revolution is brimming over with innovation, evolving almost parallel to the exercise world. From smartclothes that track body temperature to creative new cardio machines, there’s plenty of evidence that the obesity bubble is about to pop.

Take Your Cell for a Walk

Remember how the USPS was supposed to go out of business? Well, it seems that behind the scenes they invested a large sum of money into coming out with a new clothing line. It’s still in the works, but these will be outerwear, or active wear, and ‘smart’.

They’ll have nifty little pockets especially designed to hold smartphones, or even next generation tablets. It’s about making it easier for people to talk on their phone while being active. Soon your favorite workout t-shirt will take the place of iPod arm bands, and could perform basic functions of cell phones.

Gather a Few Fun Fitness Apps

Apps are relatively new, but have simply exploded in the last two years. From 2010 to 2012 the number of really cool ways that people can incorporate apps into their exercise life is quite impressive. Track calorie expenditure, see how far you’re running, overall distances, GPS, and fitness-based social media all mixed together.

However, it should be noted that apps get costly if you don’t keep a close eye on them. Pay special attention to fees, and approach the sea of fitness apps with a quality over quantity mind frame.

Tips to Choosing Fitness Apps

  • Never treat an app store like a checkout line in a supermarket. There is no room for compulsive aping!
  • Rather than having 20 different free apps, subscribe to three heavy hitters that do everything, or ideally, just one. Simplify.
  • Be practical. Choose a small number of apps that really apply to your particular fitness lifestyle.
  • The best ones revolve around or are connected to a community of like-minded people with similar health and wellness goals.
  • Again, even tiny monthly fees add up, and over the course of a year, paying for a bunch of apps that go unused is ridiculous.

A smartphone can play music in the background on a sunny day, or they can become speakers so that users can hit the elliptical during business meetings, and every day they become safer to use.

At the end of the day losing weight and staying fit is about moving more and eating right. Why not have some fun? Here are two that speak for themselves.

  1. Zombies, Run: Yep, it’s a running game that distracts the mind from the grueling nature of exercise and places it in a where you’re being chased by the living dead to a great soundtrack.
  2. Pocket Yoga: It’s probably the best app on the market today for absolute beginners to ease their way into yoga.