Avocado Your Way into Easy Weight Loss

The almighty avocado has been present in nutritious human cooking dating all the way back to around 291 B.C. While the word as we know it made its grand appearance in American writing in 1697, it originally was derived from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl which translated means testicle.

There is a variety of types, although most supermarkets and grocery stores carry the common Californian type. From Bacon and Fuerte avocados to Pinkerton and Reed, they’re one of the best natural sources of healthy fats in the world. People in the know tell them apart by their particular shapes and rich green colors.

Here is a link to the many varieties of avocados with pictures for easy reference with lots of well formatted bullet lists of information. You can have these fantastic California avocados delivered to your door step from the Orchards at Roberts Hickory Hill Farm in California.

The Fabulous Fitness Features of Avocados

They’re creamy, delicious, and easy to hide in recipes so what’s not to love? Throw them in a salad, or even add them to a smoothie for texture and extra energy, just make sure to adore them in moderation.

  • Monounsaturated fats like Oleic acid, which is found in handsome amounts in avocados, helps to quiet hunger cravings and makes meals more filling.
  • They’re brimming over with natural fiber which makes for a healthier colon and digestive system (where the majority of the immune system is located).
  • Avocados can provide a small stream of non-animal protein which makes them a huge favorite among vegetarians.
  • Jam packed with minerals and vitamins, avocados are a crucial part of a balanced food intake regimen.

How Much is Too Much?

Because they go down so smoothly, and don’t set off any alarm bells on the pallet, it’s easy to scarf one down in seconds without giving it a second thought. So here’s the skinny on avocados:

  • Typical varieties contain about 4 solid grams of protein.
  • These same supermarket specials come with around 15 grams of natural carbohydrates, which is a good amount.
  • The big one though, and this is important, is that they pack a wallop with somewhere in the neighborhood of 31 grams of fat. This is highly condensed energy, which unless used, may turn into excess adipose tissue.

How to Make the Most of Avocados

Here’s the ideal: buy three avocados at the beginning of the week and then plan to use them sparingly throughout it. Half in a salad on this day, half in a smoothie for breakfast on Wednesday, half in a lean chicken sandwich for lunch of Friday, and so on.

Never eat an entire avocado in one sitting if you can help it unless you’re sincerely controlling your fat content for the entire day, and try to do it as early as possible, like at lunch.

Consider them like dieting gems, and add them sparingly like you would an expensive herb or spice from the far reaches of some distant land. Finally, chomping down half an avocado before an intense workout is a great idea as well because the energy from the fat will spare protein for muscle building and repair.